Hannes Braun

September 1, 2022

I feel like I need to fill this site with some content… a great possibility to advertise my new tool “rickroll-telnet” that I published a few days ago! It trolls (or better: it rickrolls) the people wanting to connect to your open Telnet port. This ain’t going to be what they were looking for :D

It’s really just a rewrite of the “Rickroll” implemented by David C. McNett. There’s a command line version available that you can use with something like inetd. The main benefit of my version is the standalone version though (apart from being written in Rust, of course…). Oh, and the standalone version also caches the output on startup.

Check it out here: https://sr.ht/~hannes/rickroll-telnet

Conclusion: security through trolling ;)